Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Red Sox Victory Parade

Fortuitously, I was in Boston on Tuesday and stuck around for the Victory Parade, otherwise known as the "Rolling Rally." To me, the crowd seemed bigger than for the 2004 parade, which was held on a Saturday. There were plenty of kids there, so I don't think school presented too much of an obstacle. The crowds around Boston Common were really thick so I staked out a position near the end of the route, just past City Hall.

The wait was probably close to an hour. From my vantage point, I could faintly follow along on the "jumbletron" (as Boston's mayor calls it) in City Hall Plaza. One of the first duck boats through had the Red Sox ownership on it. It waited for about five minutes right in front of us as Papelbon did his Riverdance demonstration class back at City Hall Plaza. The crowd took the opportunity to chant "Don't Sign A-Rod" and "Re-sign Lowell." Varitek would later come by holding a sign saying "Re-sign Lowell" as well.

The one tough thing with using the Duck Boats as floats is that you can really only see the players on your side of the boat, so you don't get to see everyone. I posted some of my pictures from the parade up on Flickr. Now, I've got to make up for all the sleep I lost in October and enjoy life without incessant Taco Bell commercials.

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