Thursday, October 25, 2007

Fenway before Game 2

On my way over to the Boston Public Library today, I checked out the scene at Fenway before Game 2 of the World Series. Figured that's probably the closest I'm ever going to come to seeing a World Series game in person. So I'll have to settle to hearing Boyz II Men sing God Bless America during rehearsals, weaving my way through all the satellite trucks, and watching the players on their way into the ballpark. The 2007 pennants are up already, by the way.

I camped out by Gate D where the players drive in. Pretty much everyone on the team seems to be driving an SUV with heavily tinted windows. Kind of like the company car I guess. Although a couple of guys, like Jonathan Papelbon, just seemed to show up out of nowhere and walk right in. Even walking into the ballpark the guy looks like he's all business. Just couldn't see the death stare behind the glasses.

Everyone was carting in their suitcases to hit the road to Denver after the game for their business trip.

Go Sox!

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