Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Babe in Boston

April 16 marked the 75th anniversary of Babe Ruth's final Opening Day in the major leagues. While many baseball fans know that Ruth began his major league career in Boston, as a member of the Red Sox, far fewer know that the Sultan of Swat wrapped up his epic career in Boston as well. But not as a member of the Red Sox, but as a member of the National League Boston Braves.

The Babe's skills had deteriorated markedly by 1935 and showed only faint glimmers of his legendary power. (Hopefully we're not seeing the same twilight of a career with struggling David Ortiz right now.) Ruth would not last the season in Boston, playing in 28 games before retiring.

If, like most baseball fans, you are intrigued by the Babe and want to explore some sights connected to the Big Bam, there are a few places to check out around Boston--and the entire Northeast. Click here for an article I wrote for on a Babe Ruth road trip. More about the Ruthian landmarks around Boston (including a Worcester watering hole with a Babe connection) is contained in The Die-Hard Sports Fan's Guide to Boston.