Monday, June 14, 2010

Where to Watch the World Cup in Boston

Well, the World Cup kicked off on Friday in South Africa, and the world's premier soccer tournament is now in full swing. Given the time difference, while many Bostonians are prying the sleep from their eyes, supporters clad in national colors and uniforms are chanting, singing, and rooting on their squads from thousands of miles away.
I understand that many Boston sports fans, myself included, rank soccer behind the four major American sports on the list of their favorite pastimes, so if you really want to get into the games and catch the real flavor of the event, forget about watching the games in your house. You've got to get to a local bar or establishment to watch the games with fans who have a real passion for the sport.
I've seen some lists of places to watch the World Cup in Boston that include local sports bars such as Game On! Forget about those places. This is one of those times to bypass the city's great sports bars. No doubt they've got great TVs, but you've got to go to places where soccer is shown all year long, not just once every four years. Head to the North End to see Italy play, head to Allston to see Brazil. Forget about Lansdowne Street and get out to the city's neighborhoods.
Here are some of the best places we list in The Die-Hard Sports Fan's Guide to Boston to watch soccer in the Hub:
Phoenix Landing, 512 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge. 617-576-6260
Cafe Brazil, 421 Cambridge Street, Allston. 617-789-5980
Midwest Grill, 1124 Cambridge Street, Cambridge. 617-354-7536
Cafe Belo. Multiple locations
Caffe dello Sport, 308 Hanover Street, North End. 617-523-5063
Caffe Paradiso, 255 Hanover Street, North End. 617-742-1768
Caffe Graffiti, 64 Cross Street, North End. 617-367-3016
The Green Briar, 304 Washington Street, Brighton. 617-789-4100
The Banshee, 934 Dorchester Avenue, Dorchester. 617-436-9747
McGann's, 197 Portland Street, Boston. 617-227-4059
PJ Ryan's, 239 Holland Street, Somerville. 617-625-8200