Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Gift Ideas for Boston Sports Fans

Happy Black Friday everyone! If you're looking for a gift for that hard-to-please Boston sports fan, here are some ideas. (Added bonus: You can do all your shopping from the comfort of your own house and leave those crowds behind.)

1. The Die-Hard Sports Fan's Guide to Boston. This 270-page book is a must-have for that Boston sports fan in your life. Part history, part guidebook, The Die-Hard Sports Fan's Guide to Boston is packed with "I didn't know that" facts about Boston sports (did you know Benjamin Franklin swam in the Charles as a young boy growing up in Boston and is now in the International Swimming Hall of Fame?) and practical information that fans need to have a great time at spectator sporting events in and around Boston. The book covers 25 different sports (from baseball and football to Aussie Rules football and polo) and includes information on the city's professional, college, high school, and amateur sports scene. Get all the information on getting tickets, best places to sit, stadium concessions, where to eat and drink before the game, best places to score autographs, even how to save some money or go crazy and splurge. Plus, there are profiles of Boston's best sports bars, a listing of Boston-friendly sports bars around the world (from Manhattan to Kyoto), a sports-themed walking tour of downtown Boston, and even ideas for Boston sports road trips. Available from,, and local bookstores like Back Pages Books in Waltham.

2. Boston sports T-shirts. There are some really creative T-shirts being made by some local companies. I just picked up this cool "Blizzard of 59" T-shirt from Sully's. Sully's has lots of other great T's supporting the local pro teams or taking a knock at arch enemies (really like the shirt that says "I Hate Peyton Manning" on the front and takes a shot at Eli on the back). If you want to celebrate obscure Boston sports franchises, head over to Ebbets Field Flannels. They have T-shirts with logos for the Boston Beaneaters (Player's League baseball team from 1890), the Boston Shamrocks (a football team from the 1930s that played at Fenway), and the Boston Wonder Workers (a soccer team from the 1920s that played at the old South End Grounds). Really unique stuff. Click here for the Boston shirts.

3. Tickets. If you'd rather not buy any more "stuff," get some tickets for your sports fan. If money is no object, pick up some tickets to the Winter Classic at Fenway Park from a local ticket agency. The Bruins will skate there against the Flyers on New Years Day. If the price is too steep, Bruins legends will take to the ice the following day to raise money for charity. Red Sox tickets will be even more expensive this year. The first tickets go on sale December 12. For cheap ticket options, check out season tickets for the Boston Blazers lacrosse (starting at $80), the Boston Breakers women's soccer team (starting at $165), and Boston University basketball ($78).


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