Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bleacher Bar at Fenway Park

I got a chance yesterday to visit the recently opened Bleacher Bar on Lansdowne Street. The great thing about this bar is that it has a view directly out onto center field of Fenway Park. The large garage door in center field has been converted into a window that allows bar patrons to spy on the doings inside Fenway. Like Fenway itself, the Bleacher Bar has a highly irregular shape; it's shape is similar to a right triangle with the bar itself on the angled side. So not all tables have a view of the field, but those that do are highly coveted. It's also possible in some parts of the bar to stand and see the field. 

Before the gates open up at Fenway, the Bleacher Bar is a great place to get a beer because you can catch the Red Sox starting their batting practice. You can also watch the action during the game from inside the bar as well, but I believe there is a time limit on the tables that have field views. Shutterbugs take note that there is no flash photography allowed during batting practice and games. 

The walls are adorned with memorabilia and there are montages honoring Sox greats who have had their numbers retired. The retired numbers are also carved in the wood along the length of the bar. The beer prices were actually slightly cheaper than the Cask n Flagon as well ($10 for a Heineken and 16 oz Bud Light vs. $10.25). If Dice-K is pitching, you may want to have a Sapporo to get in the spirit; food is available as well. 

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