Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Butterfly Place

Spring has sprung, but we all know that New England spring weather doesn't always delight. If you find yourself looking for something to do on a dreary spring date, particularly during April school vacation, you may want to check out The Butterfly Place.

Located in the middle of a residential neighborhood in the Boston suburb of Westford, The Butterfly Place has a 3,100 square foot glass atrium that is filled with butterflies. At any given time, the atrium may have up to 500 butterflies representing as many as 50 different species. As you stand inside the atrium, you'll see butterflies fluttering by and landing on the colorful plants and shrubs that provide a source of nectar. And don't be surprised if the butterflies land on you. In fact, you need to check yourself for "hitchhikers" before you leave the atrium in case someone has tagged along for the ride. In addition to the atrium, there are displays that show butterflies and moths in various stages of development. (You'll also learn the difference between moths and butterflies.)

The temperature inside is on the warm side (about 80 degrees for the comfort of the butterflies), so dress appropriately. The $9.50 admission price for adults ($6.50 for ages 3-12) is a little on the steep side. The Butterfly Place can also host birthday parties and wedding cermonies. The Butterfly Place is located at 120 Tyngsboro Road in Westford, MA.

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