Wednesday, September 19, 2007

At Long Last-The Fenway Park Kyoto Video

So, I've finally gotten the clip all set from the NHK segment that aired a few months ago on the Fenway Park bar in Kyoto. I'm in there with Tiger and Larry Lucchino. As you can tell, my Japanese is pretty good.

For those whose Japanese is a little rusty, here's the English translation:

(A Temple in Kyoto, wide shot)
This is an old city, Kyoto.

(Fenway Park bar in Kyoto. Customer are watching Dice-K' pitch)
There is a small bar, where RedSox fans get together.
The bar is named "Fenway Park."

(Ohta's introduction)
He is the owner of the bar and a die-hard RedSox fan for 11 years.

(Ohta is wiping a plate)
This is his treasure.
The plate was sent from the president of RedSox last November.

(Ohta's sound bite)
"I got a big package. But, I did not know what was in there.
I could read the plate because it was written in Japanese."

We will approve your bar as a member of the RedSox Nation.

"I was really surprised."

(The Plate)
The story was started out when two RedSox fans accidentally met.

(Boston's exterior shot)

(Chris is watching a RedSox game on TV)
Chris Klein is a freelance writer living in Boston and he is of
course a RedSox fan.
When he went to Kyoto for sightseeing last year,
he was happening to find out Ohta's bar.

(Chris' Sound Bite)
"My wife told me to go to FENWAY PARK.
I did not understand why she said so because we were in Japan.
After I noticed the sign of FENWAY PARK, I did not hesitate to
going there."

(Picture of Chris and Ohta)

"After we realized we were RedSox fans, we call the name of players
each other."

"He was funny that he had said, 'Yankees Sucks!'"

(Chris picked up a newspaper from a folder.)
After Chris came back to US, he wrote about the story on a newspaper.

(An Article on Boston Globe)
The story was noticed by Boston RedSox.

(Around Fenway Park)
The president of the RedSox was really impressed the story.
Therefore, he sent the plate to the bar in Japan.

(Larry Lucchino Sound bite)
"I wanted to cheer the bar far from Boston, where is supporting RedSox.
We have Japanese players.
if they play well, and Boston fans in Japan increase,
that would make a great RedSox without boundaries."

(Ohta's Sound Bite)
"I think there is no bad guy, who is supporting RedSox.
All the Sox fans are friendlly and they all are my friends
whereever you are."


SC said...

Well that was fun. It's hard trying to act 'normal' when they're filming you watching TV, isn't it...

Anonymous said...

Chris, Your japanese is improving. I loved the t-shirt! mlk