Thursday, August 30, 2007

Like you needed any more proof

Confirmation in yesterday's Boston Globe about just how baseball crazy Bostonians are. In an article in the business section about the expansion of travel site Farecast's price predictions from airfares to hotels, the Globe ran a graphic about the service's inclusion of New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Chicago. So you might expect to get some stock photos of the New York skyline, the Hollywood sign or beaches with palm trees, the Space Needle, and the Chicago skyline. Not in Boston. You got pictures of Monument Park in Yankee Stadium, the view from behind the outfield stands in Dodger Stadium, the field at Safeco, and the marquee at Wrigley Field. Speaking of traveling to see baseball games, good article from The Sports Guy on ESPN from his trip to the friendly confines of Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay (St. Pete, technically) for a Sox game. We're off to do that next month.

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