Friday, June 22, 2007


If you're an amateur shutterbug and history buff like I am, then Photowalks is a great way to see the sights of Boston. Photowalks provides five different walking tours of Boston: Beacon Hill, Back Bay, Freedom Trail, Public Garden, and the Waterfront.

This morning, my guide Saba took me on her Postcards of Boston tour through the Public Garden, probably my favorite place in Boston, and Beacon Hill. In between historical tidbits of various sights in the garden, Saba provided advice on angles, camera settings, framing the subject, and positioning to take better photographs. The garden provides a great setting for a photo tutorial, since there's a diverse range of subjects: statues, flowers, the Swan Boats, the swans, the lagoon. Saba has a great eye for detail and what makes a great shot.

Saba mentioned that she gets many Beacon Hill residents on her tour of the neighborhood, and Photowalks provides a unique way for Bostonians to learn more about the places in their backyard. I know I learned a lot of new information. One of my favorite stories was about the "Battle of the Bricks" in Beacon Hill when a group of women staged a sit-in on the brick sidewalks of Beacon Hill to prevent the city from tearing them up and replacing them with concrete sidewalks. I had no idea that the brick sidewalks, which add to the character of the neighborhood, were so close to being lost.

I think I got some interesting shots, with Saba's help. We were fortunate to catch the swans around their nest of eggs, which provided a good subject. Also was able to get some good detail shots. This shot of the fountain may be my favorite with the silhouette and the beads of water suspended in air. Here's a link to some of my other photos.

If you're a visitor to Boston or a resident, Photowalks can provide a real unique way to see Boston. As an added bonus, you get a small guide to creative photography with more tips as a take-away item.

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